Yulia Krivich



intervention in public space

• A white line, painted with white enamel paint, encircling the building of the Palace of Culture

• Audio 1 - reminiscences of people, whose memory is connected to Ilyich (Lenin) Palace of Culture;

• Audio 2 - answers of young people born after 1991 to the question: What does the term "Palace of Culture" mean as a notion.

• Light projector, illuminating the facade of the building.

The purpose of our research was not to bring back to life the Ilyich (Lenin) Palace of Culture but to raise a question whether it were possible to reanimate it.

We considered the notion of memory through the reminiscence of people thereto related. We have performed audio recording, and broadcasted them in one of the Palace arches during the event. The next stage of our research involved the enquiry among the young people, born in the Independent Ukraine, on what the Palace means to them as a notion. The audio recording has been broadcasted in the second Palace arch. We encircled the building of the Palace with a white line around its perimeter and illuminated the facade with several light projectors. Laying emphasis thus on technical condition of the building, we wanted to draw public attention to it and to the troubled point on the city map.