Yulia Krivich


Publisher: Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych, Krakow 2015  

Book design: Ania Nalecka (Tapir Book Design)

Editors: Ania Nalecka & Rafal Milach

17 cm x 24 cm, 40 pages, hard cover

4 languages: Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian

Limited edition: 300 copies, signed

ISBN  978-83-62978-28-1

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Presentiment is less a record than an apprehension of the events currently taking place in my country. These impressions come together to make sequences of pictures and signs that I have recreated through photography. There is a vague and disquieting sense of duality – both my own and in the reality that surrounds us. My pictures show young people in undefined places. The point is not the location itself, but the existential dimension, its identity. The form of the book echoes this concept of duality. It is based on what is left unspoken, on tensions in the spaces between defined notions, on shifts and paradoxes.