Yulia Krivich



photography, installation

The dynamics of the changes can be seen even from far away.

The installation consists of the 150х100cm photos and the object - the lifeguard tower made of metal, glass and mirrors in a scale of 5:1.  

The residents of the city of Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine often call it Dnieper. The identity of this city situated on the main artery of the country - the Dnieper River, is changing dynamically. The location of the city and the events that had taken place in Ukraine over the past 2 years became the starting point. The duality and the uncertainty of the processes taking place seems here enlarged. I consider the river to be a symbolic borderline that can consolidate and separate the Ukrainian society. The photos of both banks of Dnieper, made from the island, are reflected in the mirror on lifeguard tower. Thus the object combines two images, namely the left and right banks of river.